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Rules of Nocturna 2019

To participate in the festival

A) To submit films or short films for the consideration of the Festival's Programming Committee, the easiest procedure is to send them through FESTHOME (https://festhome.com/) or by sending us a DVD or Blu-Ray copy, Accompanied by the attached information form (Download PDF) duly completed.

B) The screeners must be sent through FESTHOME or to the following address:

NOCTURNA MADRID, International Fantasy Film Festival Plaza del Callao no 1, Floor 5, Office 1
28013 - Madrid (Spain)

C) The deadline to receive the viewing copies is September 6th 2019.

D) Short films:

The programming committee will consider only the short films that meet the following conditions:

REAL IMAGE – Fantasy film genre only. Year of production 2018/19, short films section in competition: Shorts of horror, science fiction, fantasy, thriller, etc.

ANIMATION – Fantasy film genre only. Year of production 2018/19, short films section in competition: Short animation films of horror, science fiction, fantasy, thriller etc.

The screening of the shorts will always be in professional format (DCP). In exceptional circumstances we can screen on Blu Ray.

E) Feature films: read the regulations (following pages).

F) Those titles that have been selected will receive the entry form to formalize their participation in the Festival.

Rules and regulations Nocturna 2019.

1. NOCTURNA Madrid International Fantastic Film Festival is a specialized competitive fantastic genre festival.

2. The Festival consist of the following sections:

3. Nocturna Official Fantastic. All films whose content or subject matter can be considered to belong to the fantastic genre are elegible to participate in this section.

There will be in-competition films (NOFF- Nocturna Official Fantastic) and out-of- competition films (NOFP- Nocturna Official Fantastic Panorama). The jury’s decision will not be open to appeal and no prize can go unawarded.

An international jury, named by the Festival’s management, will present the following awards (only for NOFF and DARK):

In addition, if considered convenient the jury will reserve the possibility to award a maximun of two special prizes to highlight technical and artistic aspects of some of the in competition films.

By popular vote, the audience will hand out the Audience Award to the Best Fantastic Feature Film, best International Fantastic Short Film and best Spanish Fantastic Short Film. The inclusion of feature films and short films in this section is restricted to NOFF, DARK and SHORTS sections.

The inclusion of films in this section is restricted to films produced in 2018/19 and preferably have never premiered before in Spain. However, the Festival reserves the right to program, films previously screened in official competition at other Spanish Film Festivals.

The official section includes a subsection for short films produced in 2018/19 with runtimes no longer than 20 minutes.

The NOFP may include shorts that haven’t be selected for the NOFC due to the rules or to assessment reasons, but that are considered to be interesting for the Festival’s program.

4. The production company or distributor of the selected films will receive the entry form. The production company or distributor will promise to fill in and send the entry form back to the Festival 30 days before the Festival starts. The NOCTURNA organization will decide the days and hours of screening. No film / short film can be screened more than 2 times including the screening for the press. In the event that the Festival must share the print with other festivals, it must be specified on the entry form, indicating the copy’s availability during our Festival’s dates.

5. The company lending the film must provide the Festival with promotional material: stills, posters, pressbooks, trailers, etc., so the Festival can promote the film adequately. In addition, the company must also provide the Festival with the appropriate material to subtitle the film If necessary. The Festival reserves the right not to return this material.

6. Each of the copies sent to the Festival must have a clearly visible identification label with the following information: title, runing time and contact. Likewise the copies must be available for the organization before September 22nd. In case that a screening copy could not arrive on that date, for reasons beyond the organization control, the organization could replace the film/short with other one which guarantees to be available on September 22nd in order to undergo the relevant tests.

7. The Festival will not accept prints that do not meet the minimum screening requirements.

8. The Festival will cover shipping expenses for the prints to be screened, unless the print needs to be sent to another festival. In this case, the other Festival must pay for shipping costs from Madrid to the city of destination.

9. Neither copies use for public screening in the formats indicates above nor copies used for preselection will be returned automatically. The Director/Producer must request their return within the 6 months following the date on which the Festival comes to an end. The cost of doing so will be responsibility of the interested party. If, after this time, no such request has been made, the Festival will proceed to dispose of the copies as it deems appropriate.

10. In the event that a print is damaged as a consequence of its screening at the Festival, the owner must inform the Festival within one month of the date the print was returned at he very latest. The Festival’s responsibility will not exceed the cost of making a new print, according to the rates in force at laboratories for making a standard print.

11. The Festival organization will decide each film’s screening dates and times. No film included in any of the Festival’s sections will be screened more than 2 times, including the press screenings, without the owner’s previous consent.

12. The production company or distributor of the selected films must provide the Festival with clips for promotional use on television programs.

13. Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of these regulations.

14. Any matter arising during the Festival which is not covered by these regulations, will be decided on by the Festival organization in accordance with international rules.


Gracias a todos los colaboradores que un año más nos apoyáis y creéis en este proyecto que sigue creciendo. A los nuevos copartícipes, muchas gracias por uniros a esta gran familia que es Nocturna Madrid.