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September 16, 2019.

Nocturna Madrid has revealed today part of the programming of feature films and short films that will compete in its official sections (Fantastic Competition and Dark Visions), in addition to some of the titles that can be seen in the informative, Panorama and Classics sections. The VII edition of the International Fantastic Film Festival will be held between October 22 and 26 and will honour in Madrid with the Master of Fantasy award to Alex Proyas, director of mythical films such as The Crow, Dark City or I, robot, among others.

Nocturna Madrid has selected for its seventh edition more than fifty films among the 300 received, “with feature films that demonstrate the good health of the fantastic genre at the moment. Proposals that go from psychological thriller to slasher through science fiction… A menu of the most suggestive to taste at the end of October ”, explains Sergio Molina, director of Nocturna Madrid.

In the Official Section of Nocturna Madrid two Scandinavian feature films will compete: Finale and Koko-Di Koko-Da, both bets that, according to Sergio Molina, “are a clear exponent of the fantastic cinema of the north of Europe, with a very dark vision of reality and where violence plays a decisive role”

Danish director Søren Juul Petersen will be in Madrid those days to present the premiere in Spain of Finale, a feature film that moves between intrigue and visceral terror thanks to a script based on the novel by Steen Langstrup  and adapted to the big screen by screenwriter Carsten Juul Bladt along with the director himself.

Also in the Official Section you can see for the first time in Madrid Koko-Di Koko-Da, a repetitive, evil and cruel fairy tale: “I wanted it to be evil, but also beautiful, poetic, and to give us some hope ”, Says Swedish director Johannes Nyholm. His short film Las Palmas became a viral success in 2011, and his new film emerges from a nightmare in which psychological realism and primitive terror of fables intersect.

"Like Untouchable, but with motherfuckers." That's how blunt Amigo presents its director, screenwriter and editor, Madrid's Oscar Martin. His feature film debut is a psychological thriller dyed in black comedy and claustrophobic environments. The film, which has also been selected at the Fantastic Film Festivals of Austin and Sitges, aims to become one of the Spanish revelations of the season.

Also after its premiere in Sitges, the Colombian production Luz will arrive in Nocturna Madrid, a fantastic western with Folk Horror dyes directed by Juan Diego Escobar Alzate that the critic relates to The Witch by Robert Eggers (2015) and Midsommar by Ari Aster (2019) .

Nocturna Madrid will premiere in Madrid the movie Il Signor Diavolo, the return to horror of Pupi Avati, one of the key figures of the fantastic Italian, with an extensive filmography composed of more than 50 titles, among which La casa dalle finestre che ridono (1976 ) or L 'arcano incantatore (1996).

World Premiere in the Official Dark Visions Section

Nocturna Madrid will feature this year in the Official Section to Dark Visions Competition with the world premiere of A night of horror: Nightmare Radio, an anthology of terror that “has brought together a talented directors among which we are especially happy to find the signature of two Spaniards, ”explains the director of Nocturna Madrid, Sergio Molina.

The innovative proposal of the Argentine filmmakers Nicolás and Luciano Onetti, which was presented as a project in Cannes in the “Upcoming Fantastic Films” section, will be released for the first time in Madrid with the short films by Spaniards Sergio Morcillo (Gotas) and Pablo Sánchez Pastor (Into the Mud), two filmmakers who presented their work at Nocturna Madrid in 2018 and 2016, respectively.

In A night of horror: Nightmare Radio the story is also completed with the works of international filmmakers such as Adam O'Brien, Joshua Long, Jason Bognacki, Matt Richards and Oliver Park. The common thread is the story of Rod, a man who runs a radio show dedicated to horror stories.

Also in the Dark Visions Section, Nocturna Madrid advances that the selection of the Canadian film Artik, the feature film debut of Tom Botchii . A film that tells the story of a serial killer obsessed with a comic that teaches his son how to escape through a series of brutal murders, until the boy befriends a mysterious man.

Nocturna Madrid, pool of talented filmakers

Nocturna Madrid remains in its firm intention to disseminate and strengthen the pool of new filmmakers and in its seventh edition it will screen about twenty national shorts and six international short films, with productions from the US, Canada, Andorra, France, Croatia and Peru.

“The competition short films section is one of the most anticipated and significant of Nocturna Madrid. In our goal of promoting cinema and discovering new talents, we try to make programming as extensive as possible in themes and genres. Our pool of filmakers is in good health and we hope that Nocturna Madrid will function as its great showcase, ”says Molina.

Among the Spanish short films advanced by Nocturna Madrid are Tu último día en la tierra, by Marc Martínez Jordán, director of Framed and Caradecaballo: a fiction short film where a man dressed as a fox decides to cross the temporary space barriers.

Norma Vila will return to Nocturna Madrid with the short film El fin de todas las cosas, starring Paola Bontempi. Equals by Javier Yáñez, and based on a manga by Shun Umezawa, is a thriller that will bring the viewer closer to apps to find a partner and their compatibility system.

Raúl Monge will talk about the relationship between a tramp and a girl through the mysterious Hopes; and La octava dimensión, directed by Kike Maíllo and starring Najwa Nimri will play with an exquisite story to show the eight faces of truth. In addition, for all those who like demonic legends, Alberto Pons will make them tremble with Cinco Reyes, starring Nuria Fergó and César Strawberry. And from Canada, directed by Robert DeLeskie, the Festival will offer a thriller about a teenager with an obsessive compulsive disorder entitled Lay them straight.

In the next few days we will continue revealing more contents of Nocturna Madrid 2019.

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Gracias a todos los colaboradores que un año más nos apoyáis y creéis en este proyecto que sigue creciendo. A los nuevos copartícipes, muchas gracias por uniros a esta gran familia que es Nocturna Madrid.