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Cinesa Proyecciones on Fuencarral Street will host on October 22 the Openning Night of Nocturna Madrid 2019 where  the "Master of Fantasy" prize will be awarded to Alex Proyas and in which Chicho Ibáñez Serrador will be honored again by the premiere of the film directed by his son Alejandro Ibáñez Nauta.

Within the competitive sections, the Festival returns to advance a dozen films. Among them, in the Official Fantastic Competition Section the zombie comedy hooligan Little Monsters and in Dark Visions Official Competition new titles such as The Furies or The Young Cannibals.

The Panorama Section will arrive full of tapes that show the rise of the genre. Among them, the Indian production Andhadhun, the Space Opera Blood Machines or the tributes to monsters like Alien and Godzilla: Memory: The Origins of Alien and The dawn of Kaiju Eiga, among others.

The International Fantasy Film Festival of Madrid will inaugurate its VII edition with the film Urubú by Alejandro Ibáñez, in a gala that will take place at Cinesa proyecciones and will feature numerous guests. Among them, the filmaker Alex Proyas (The Raven; Dark City; I, robot; Knowing), who will arrive from Australia to receive the "Master of Fantasy" Prize that the Festival awards each year to a prominent figure of the genre, and that makes two editions awarded Chicho Ibáñez Serrador. “My father would have loved the idea that Urubú premiered at Nocturna Madrid. The tribute that this festival made him was very emotional for him. And for me it is a true honor. The goal has always been to make a film in homage to my father's cinema, whose talent and wisdom I know I can never match, and entertain the public with an original and different product, ”admits Alejandro Ibáñez. In addition, for the director of Nocturna Madrid, Sergio Molina, inaugurating the Festival with the premiere of Alejandro Ibáñez Nauta's first feature film “defines the commitment of this Festival: to be a international showcase for the international projection of "Fantaterror" and Spanish horror quality".

Starring Carlos Urrutia (Approved in chastity; The Eagle and the fog, and more than thirty plays), and Clarice Alves (Brazilian actress who has worked under the direction of Bruno Saglia and Chus Gutiérrez, and now lives in Madrid together with her husband, football player Marcelo Vieira), and with a small role that Alejandro Ibáñez himself plays-following his father's custom and as a worthy successor to a long dynasty of actors-, he narrates the adventure of an ornithologist who will try to photograph  urubú, a strange bird from which there is no record released. To do this, he will drag his family there. Everything twists, or begins, as appreciated, when his daughter disappears and that paradisiacal environment becomes a terrible scenario where a danger lurks, forcing them to fight so as not to lose what they most want.

The film, "a project created from the heart and with great humility", as Ibáñez confesses, has been shot in natural exteriors and interiors of the Brazilian Amazon jungle and develops some of the themes that his father had already dealt with in his films. Also, he explains, he wanted to "denounce in an organic and natural way some ugly realities of the world that we have had to live, following the maxim that film and television, in addition to entertaining, should serve to communicate ideas and educate."

Ibáñez Nauta, who shared his love for horror movies with his father, finished the film two weeks after his death. "I will always be sorry that he could not see the finished film, but I honestly think he would have liked it very much and that he had felt very proud of the result."

The short film Reality, a "no to war" for children.

Nocturna Madrid will also premiere the short film by Ibáñez Nauta Reality at the inaugural gala of its seventh edition, which aims to make visible the suffering of children in wars, with an innovative format that mixes reality and fiction and in which Narciso Ibáñez Serrador participated as a producer. Reality is a 20-minute short that reminds of "who can kill a child?" and that evidences the authentic fear that childhood experiences during an armed conflict. “You can scare a child with a monster under the bed, but when he tells you about the possibility of losing his family, his house, it is something that produces more fear and has never been reflected in a movie. The movies are still fiction and this far exceeds any scare we can give, ”says Ibáñez Nauta.

This short film is also a film made in collaboration with the NGO Save the Children "as an instrument to move consciences," says Ibáñez. He was shot in Lesbos and at Chicho Ibáñez's house, and has a cast headed by Lydia Bosch, Dani Rovira, Adriana de Castro and Carlos Latre.

Among the films that will be part of the Fantastic Official Competition Section of the VII Nocturna Madrid, one of the winners in Sundance, Little Monsters, of the Australian filmmaker Abe Fosythe stands out. A hooligan comedy of carnivorous zombies, assaults with deadly guitars, gut, death metal, gore, mini golf, conga, aliens, and much more, starring Lupita Nyong'o (Twelve years of slavery, 2013; The Jungle Book, 2016; Black Panther, 2018; Us, 2019).
In addition, Body at Brighton Rock, by Roxanne Benjamin, and the spanish premiere of Canadian production Z, by Brandom Christensen (It Stains the sands red, 2016; Still Born, 2017) that writes and produces Colin Minihan (Grave Encounters, 2011), in which a Family is terrified by the imaginary friend of their 8 year old son.

The Official Dark Visions Competition Section will arrive full of films such as The Furies, the gore debut in the length of also Australian Tony d'Aquino, another 'terrifying hooligan' that will honor horror movies with eight assassins inspired by 70s and 80s classics .
And if someone wants to stop eating, they just have to see The Young Cannibals, the work of Kris Carr and Sam Fowler. A film of thrilling supernatural horror filmed around a stately home in the Snowdonia mountains.

They will also be part of the program El cerro de los Dioses, by the Spanish director Daniel M. Caneiro (With Food Not Played; Mature at 30; Pochinok; Secondary Road); Echoes of fear, co-directed by Brian Avenet-Bradley and Laurence Avenet-Bradley; and to spend a Christmas of the "quieter" I Trapped the devil by Josh Lobo.

The Fantastic Panorama Section is “a sample of the validity and the innovative productions that the genre brings today”, says the director of Nocturna Madrid, Sergio Molina.
In this section you can watch movies like the Indian production Andhadhun, by the prolific director and screenwriter Sriram Raghavan. A film that mixes thriller and black comedy in a script full of twists that challenges the public to sharpen their senses. The film won the prestigious Filmfare Critics Award for the best film, and was the winner of the last edition of the Nits Festival de Cinema Oriental de Vic, with which Nocturna Madrid has joined ties to start a collaboration agreement and develop synergies joint: Nocturna Madrid will exhibit award-winning films at the festival.

Speaking of monsters and mutations, The dawn of Kaiju Eiga, by Jonatán Bellés, a Spanish film about the origins of Godzilla will be presented through interviews with filmmakers, actors and experts involved in the films of this being emerged from chemistry and pollution. And on the 40th anniversary of Alien, by Ridley Scott, there was no shortage of Memory: The Origins of Alien by Alexandre O. Phillipe, which tells the symbiotic process of cinema, the power of myth and the collective unconscious, making analogies of history with Greek and Egyptian mythologies, clandestine comics, the work of Francis Bacon and the dark visions of Dan O'Bannon and HR Giger
Also within Panorama, viewers will find titles such as the malicious force of Hex, the fourth film by South African filmmaker Rudolf Buitendach; Bullets of Justice, the co-production between Kazakhstan and Bulgaria directed by Valeri Milev; or Blood Machines, a 50-minute Space Opera written and directed by Seth Ickerman - the pseudonym under which Raphaël Hernández and Savitri Joly-Gonfard work - and marked by the personality of the musician Carpenter Brut.

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Gracias a todos los colaboradores que un año más nos apoyáis y creéis en este proyecto que sigue creciendo. A los nuevos copartícipes, muchas gracias por uniros a esta gran familia que es Nocturna Madrid.